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North Pacific Logbook

Sailing from Japan to Canada in 51 days. By Hundred Rabbits, who have a few other entries in this directory. But I’ll let you find those.


Game to play while hiking. You simply tell the other person that they are on ‘Spacelab’. There is a yellow door there. Also, there is a monkey in a spacesuit. Then ask: what do you do? (Reassure them: “This is Spacelab. This is your choice.”) Continue to give them more choices. Watch out—they may encounter space skeletons. There is also a secret ‘kid with a ladybug helmet’.


“An interface for San Francisco.” Do I bother describing this? I’m trying to decide if I just let you do the homework on this one. I mean I’ve already made it so easy for you. But I don’t know if I can trust you. IM SORRy! I JUST DONT KNOW wYOU!! You can’t expect me to just have all this faith and confidence in your ability to actually click on these links and read anything!! Ok okokok I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I will describe it to you. I will.