Cats, dogs, coyotes, marmots and the like.


Defunct blog (2009-2014) full of the loveliest sorts of animal illustrations.

Diabella Loves Cats

Yes, there are a great many cat pages on the Internet. But this is the one for me. There are also ‘Vintage Dressed Dog Graphics’ and cat legends and folklore. There is simply nothing else that other cat sites can give you.

The Zymoglyphic Museum

A fictocryptic institution in Portland, OR. In so many cities were I’ve lived, there have been junk art houses, clear plastic multi-story teepees or underground Catholic or Mormon museums. Let this link represent them for now. (In fact, the curator has a guide for starting your own museum. And, oh yeah, list of ‘sympathetic’ institutions.)

My 2018 interview with Jim Stewart of The Museum is here.