A digit is tiny and invisible. But we think it’s the realest thing.


See, a link like this is what makes the Alphanumerics category the best! I doubt many will visit this topic, because it’s quite modest. But Ian Paul Wright’s blog, lavish in its diagrams and munificent in its prose, is about as good as it gets when it comes to Marxist blogs—fun theories crossing math with philosophy. (Via h0p3.)


Geometric and mathy things, in the tradition of Martin Gardner. The site is several years stale—see the right-hand side: the archives and games. (For further puzzles, see The Griddle.)

Kevin Wald's Home Page

I mostly visit here for the cryptic crosswords directory, but the other clubs and journals linked here are also rabbitholes. I think I like this page because it is as basic as they come, but it is tremendously rich as portal. (See also: interview with the author.)

Stephen Sondheim's Crosswords

A directory that links to old New York Magazine crosswords by way of Google Books. (Also going to put this video about David Astle here—I don’t want too many crossword sections.)