I guess some people called this kind of stuff the “slow web” for awhile. Maybe they were talking about something else. I’m talking about slow, rambling, aimless things—the antidote to the fast, short, viral web.

Videos of Scenic Train Rides, Walks, etc.

There are a wealth of real-time scenic videos from a first-person perspective out there. You can search “scenic train ride” or “walking tour” on YouTube to find hours-long footage. This is a placeholder for a directory in this vein. (I guess webcam channels along the lines of Virtual Railfan are in this vein.)

Funny Mapguy

Not funny and no maps. Just a kid reviewing Mountain Dew and every ball game he watches. I don’t know what to say about this. I occasionally check in to see if he’s still going.

Lingscars 24Hr Webcam

Totally decadent constant live stream, a UK office bathed in constant audio-video bombardment.


Writings within an approachable, modern kind of philosophy.