Ok, so all links go to real people. These are examples of home pages that I like. Some are very detailed portraits of a person; some are just a brief meteor. (For more, see or my own hrefhunt project.)

{h0p3's Wiki}

I am in awe of this wiki—in a way, it reminds me of everything2. It goes wherever it pleases. Its author is extremely thorough and personal. A mere TiddlyWiki, but it feels entirely new. (Oh and, of particular interest, there is a link directory inside this wiki.) Related: Terminal 00 should do the visuals here.

If I can also impress upon you: there is no one doorway into this being’s expansive avatar. If you want to start in a middle, here is his response to journeying through

h0p3 calls his work public self-modeling. In 2019, this is a growing subculture—see also: Sphygmus, chameleon, Jack Baty, Phil N, casual bedlam (Catherine), Joe Jenett,, Andrew Canion, Frank Mcpherson and Josh Sullivan.


esr, rms, Gates, Zuckerberg? Cap’n Crunch? jwz is the original counterculture hacker icon—a mischievous Loki underpinning the Internet. I hit the page so many times as a teenager. Good luck finding videos and interviews.

Luming Hao

Observe how a personal page can just be a quick slam on a piano.

The Preposterous Web Portal of Erik Bernacchi

This might be closer to the Visual/Zines category: a vibrant, Easter egg-filled desktop with little programs and its own chat bot. I think this is the most welcoming of these types of OS experiences—the little apps are just so cleverly designed. (For the opposite of this: i1os.)

Mariano Pascual (NSFW?)

Found this after Erik’s (above)—definitely a kind of companion. This is smooth and bubbly. Reminds me of BeOS, if it was installed on a computer in the Rugrats cartoon. Some of the illustrations make me think of The Cyberiad. I think this is tremendous (and I think other such superlatives.)