I have no idea what we’re experiencing. Maybe these links can help.

"24/7 Relentless Careerism" (2010)

“Friend every poet you can on Facebook,, porn sites—” Jim Behrle’s gentle rant on self-promotion, from a poet’s view. A realization that Jewel is the all-eclipsing poet of the now. Reminiscent of Bill Hicks’ New Kids bit. (A different perspective, but related: “How Do We Write Now?” by Patricia Lockwood.)

Other Life on YouTube

Interviews with all kinds of subcultural figureheads—from pseudonymous dominatrices to Communist podcasters and all the most devoted Twitter trolls. This seems like a directory to mental dumps. In a way, you can’t be sure what’s ‘real’ here—but it all certainly resonates as ‘real’. It might be better than ‘real’.

Idle Words

The blog of Pinboard’s creator Maciej Cegłowski. Thought-provoking articles and slides. If you read blogs, well, read this. (Maybe try: this talk.)

Messy Nessy Chic

A materialistic view of the 20th Century. Often revisits lost corners of history or lost villages. Always eye-opening.

"Now More Than Ever" (2018)

Right, okay—a link to The New Yorker? What can I say—if a story gets to me, then what can I do? This has a strong scent of this society of ours. I felt a similar ding! ding! reading George Saunders’ “Sea Oak”. I’m not looking down on society here—I absolutely revel in it. I think I get to be part of this, too.

Surveillance Camera Man

“Can I help you?” I know, I know—this is terrible, yes. Feels like an unprecedented cinéma-vérité documentary as well.