More short stories and articles can be found in Real/Society.

The Collagist

An online literary journal that I really enjoy. (A related quality print journal is Conjuctions—who republishes some bits online.)

Urbigenous Library

Assorted classic essays and short stories. Good example of a nice, plain personal directory as well.

Fifty-Two Stories

For the years of 2009-2011, this blog posted a short story each week, some classic, some modern. I’m interested in this type of directory-blog hybrid. And I like to find new short stories. (Also, there is an out-of-print collection The Stories of Denton Welch that is probably my very favorite collection.)


From my very good friend Nathan—you’d love him: “Very experimental stuff from Calamari Press (Gary Lutz, David Ohle [remember that little book, Motorman?]). Lots of brutalist ASCII found-poem objects, ephemera, and visual bleeps.” This could go in Visuals/Zines or Stories/Poems, too.