In olden times, it seemed that tales and myths served to explain the world—or to attempt to crack our dilemma. We still tell stories now, but they seem to discern future times, future emotions. And they play out in this fashion, with the stories distorting and evolving in fractal shapes.

SCP Foundation

SCP is an organization that works to ‘contain’. And the SCP Foundation Wiki describes what has been contained and the procedures for doing so. Some starting places: SCP-3079, SCP-1733, SCP-055.

Cicada 3301

An online puzzle of images, audio files, prime numbers, PGP keys, map coordinates, Tor addresses. Was it really intellegence agency recruiters? Was it just another ARG? What came of the ‘highly intelligent individuals’ that advanced to later stages?

No one knows. It wasn’t about the conclusion - it didn’t end as some mere marketing stunt. Seven years after that initial JPEG, we are still in the puzzle.


The whole world’s only source for Fafblog.

I Found Some of Your Life

After finding an SD card of 227 images, the writer of this 2004 blog made up stories for the pictures. Until the owner was discovered and the blog was closed.

The Little Gray Book Lectures

I recall a line from these that went: The wendigo / The wendigo / I met you / Just a friend ago. It had me in stitches at the time. This is a collection preserved by someone monikered “Surly Teabag.” This feels like a kin to Over the Garden Wall.

NES Godzilla Creepypasta

I feel like this started the “haunted game cartridge” creepypastas. But I’m not a connoisseur. If not, whatever, I like it.