I just would like to mention here that—if you are in the United States—you can often find a page on your local public library site to request books you want to read. Search around for “interlibrary loan” and the name of your local library system.

Manuela Drager / Antione Volodine / Others

You won’t find this person in a link. I was lended In the Time of the Blue Ball and Writers. They were great. The best I can do here is the article Army of Avatars.


Michael Silverblatt’s talk show with novelists and poets. I respect the quality of his questions and I envy the quantity of novels he’s read.

The Mookse and the Gripes

Reviews of Marie NDiaye novels, Robert Walser, César Aira. I haven’t read Alice Munro, but I really admire the detailed reviews here of her short story collections. Maybe I’m wrong, but I also sense that this blog doesn’t destroy books with criticism—it always feels constructive. I’m generally against reviews unless the critic is very careful.

If you’re into Marie NDaiye, I like this interview with translator Jordan Stump and I like this group discussion about her work—the format and the length are generous. Wish I had interviews with NDiaye to link to. (See also: Dr Tony Shaw, thoughts on NDiaye and many other French writers.)