This is a place for me to link to evils and horrors. Pretty crucial.

Brother Carlos

I love this guy. He’s the exorcist from Nathan For You’s ‘Ghost Realtor’ episode. The things he does to that realtor are insane. I often wish he was here to help me with my own day-to-day struggles. Especially if I happen to be dealing with demons that day.


A bright yellow nexus of hot, HTML hate concentrate—hates Girl Scouts, hates the cops, hates Reptilians, against Crown Masonic ‘pedos’/‘paedos’—seems to be on the hunt for Pizzagates the world over. Anyway, this is a portal to that world and I just have a totally morbid curiosity, I’m sorry.


A boring, repetitive clip which somehow contains a kind of horror. To me, its not the screams—it’s what it does to your brain. Inanity, descent into madness, is somehow captured here. Another variant takes Mickey through gradual, subtle physical derangement. His walk never changes. This is us moving through modernity.