What people see when it is dark, when they are momentarily dead or when they look around for invisible beings.

The Scariest Movie Ever

The ‘movie’, in this case, is this world we find ourselves in—this fever vision that Hollywood and fallen aliens have entrapped us in. Videos include ‘Something STRANGE is happening with Matthew Mcconaughey’ and ‘THEY ARE TEACHING US TO EAT EACH OTHER’. You CAN be prepared for aliens and angels entering your home at night. It’s happening anyway.

Parenting a Visionary Child

‘My 6-year-old daughter sees things other people don’t. “Skitter scatters,” ghosts, auras. She just started school and there’s something in the lunchroom only she can see, and this one makes her nervous.’

Planetary Headquarters

Mostly pictures of rock formations that turn out to be REAL ALIENS AND ANGELS. Most people are going to think this site is repellant ranting. But I kind of get inspired when I read a perspective that is so different that it feels surreal or fictional. What it would be to see all of these dramas and prophesies in the world.

Dark Dorset

Mysteries and apparitions of a certain English county.