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A truly limitless place. Probably still growing. No way to sum it up.


“An interface for San Francisco.” Do I bother describing this? I’m trying to decide if I just let you do the homework on this one. I mean I’ve already made it so easy for you. But I don’t know if I can trust you. IM SORRy! I JUST DONT KNOW wYOU!! You can’t expect me to just have all this faith and confidence in your ability to actually click on these links and read anything!! Ok okokok I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I will describe it to you. I will.


{h0p3's Wiki}

I am in awe of this wiki—in a way, it reminds me of everything2. It goes wherever it pleases. Its author is extremely thorough and personal. A mere TiddlyWiki, but it feels entirely new. (Oh and, of particular interest, there is a link directory inside this wiki.) Related: Terminal 00 should do the visuals here.

If I can also impress upon you: there is no one doorway into this being’s expansive avatar. If you want to start in a middle, here is his response to journeying through href.cool.

h0p3 calls his work public self-modeling. In 2019, this is a growing subculture—see also: Sphygmus, chameleon, Jack Baty, Phil N, casual bedlam (Catherine), Joe Jenett, Frank Mcpherson and Josh Sullivan.



The personal website of Gwern Branwen. A rare flavor of hypertext, riffing on Wikipedia, but exuding the same feeling I get when I’m reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell or the works of Flann O’Brien with its novel use of footnotes and annotations.



David Chapman (who also brought us Buddhism for Vampires)—to simply call Meaningness a ‘book’ or a ‘metablog’ or a Buddhist resource is to discount that this is a formidable work that seems to both tackle the question “What is life?” and to catalog its author’s every thought. It also sets a precedent for drafting in public that I’ve begun to see on the other links in Web/Wiki.


Visakan Veerasamy

This site goes real deep—you have no idea. But you might get an idea if you survey the bookmarks page (which is an impressive collection—feels similar to href.cool) or the @1000wordvomits page (dump of interesting, meandering essays). Generous work.



Venkatesh Rao and friends write long articles, some of which form ‘blogchains’—a continuous riff on a subject. (Via Nadia E..)


SCP Foundation

SCP is an organization that works to ‘contain’. And the SCP Foundation Wiki describes what has been contained and the procedures for doing so. Some starting places: SCP-3079, SCP-1733, SCP-055.