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A bright, sensational flash. One minute or less.

Parable of the Banana

Apple blog writes about bananas. One of the better BANANA ARTICLES. And one of the better APPLE BLOGS.


Spaghettibabe (NSFW?)

See, this is why I do this. I know people don’t like “everyone gets a trophy,” but this is one case where everyone really does. (Related: Slimy Spawn. Also NSFW? Has a shopping cart.)


507 Movements

Illustrations of five-hundred-and-seven different mechanical pulleys, gears, cogs combos. (Via Imperica.)


This Website Will Self-Destruct

A looming threat hovers over the anonymous posts here: “If I go 24 hours without receiving a message, I’ll permanently self-destruct.”


How Golf Explains Trump

Well, for a 72-year-old, he’d be a six. Six or seven. So he’s good. He’s a good player. He’s among our best presidents ever to play golf. But he wants the world to think he’s fantastic.

I think the best lies are the ones we all get to be in on.


Lingscars 24Hr Webcam

Totally decadent constant live stream, a UK office bathed in constant audio-video bombardment.


Luming Hao

Observe how a personal page can just be a quick slam on a piano.



One of the first comics I remeber seeing on the Web—back in the 90’s. Clearly made in MS Paint. Completing it is not a problem—there is a random generator that mashes unrelated frames together.


The Book of War Devices

This book isn’t enormous—but it’s old and musty and it goes here. It’s baffling: how did this Renaissance age compendium of drawings by Johannes de Fontana survive? Infantile drawings of inventions—some weapons, but many dazzling theatrical projectors and masks. (Via Imperica, which also pointed me to the The Codex Atlanticus, a much larger collection of drawings by da Vinci.)


Brother Carlos

I love this guy. He’s the exorcist from Nathan For You’s ‘Ghost Realtor’ episode. The things he does to that realtor are insane. I often wish he was here to help me with my own day-to-day struggles. Especially if I happen to be dealing with demons that day.


Every Noise at Once

‘…an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 3,295 genres by Spotify as of 2019-08-03. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.’


Found Photos

‘The Found Photos Archives consist of my filtered view from thousands of images downloaded via peer to peer filesharing networks.’ I had no idea there were filesharing networks of photos. This is a pretty wild collection. I love it. (Via Linkport; see also Some Photos of That Day.)



Biana Hockensmith’s sticker and pixel art. She exhibits an impressive ability to screen grab from Problem Child 2 at the precise moments she means to.


Harriet Russell's Envelopes

I’m still looking for a good link that shows this project—to send mail using ‘encrypted’ addresses in the form of imaginative puzzles. Lovely, puzzly, adding enjoyment to the proletariat worker—it’s all there.


Altering Carboard Microscope Slide Mailers

This woman - a collector of articulated paper dolls - decorates cardboard mailers once used to transport microscope slides. Part of this is the nostalgia of an age when it was more common to receive microscopic things in the mail; part is the wonder of this particular blog’s chosen topics.



Full art ASCII wiki. Each page is an incantation echoing from that drippy, drippy cave you once found deep in the land of Kirugu Vargir. A lizard-like people can be seen, draining time in the distance.


Inversions by Scott Kim

Upside-down and mirror image font stylings. I’m also linking this because it’s a node to other type resources and some of the author’s essays interest me.



Buncha hands. ‘Cat’, ‘dog’ and ‘rad’ is as far as I got tho.


default filename tv

The algorithm here is simply: select only the videos on YouTube that have kept their original filename from the camera. (Such as: DSC_5443.MOV, IMG_0490.MP4, etc.) In other words, these are untitled and uncut personal videos. I watched one of a truck backing up. And then one of people doing the limbo. (Related: youhole.tv, astronaut.io, petittube, Incognitube, /r/imgxxxx, Neave.TV; or, Forgotify for Spotify tracks that have never been listened to.)



Kind of like a sketchpad for beats and squiggles. You can also think of this as a self-contained ‘instrument’ in a way.



I will NEVER forget Charlie McAlister. Oh boy his zine showed the way to zine—returning fish sticks through the post with grateful letters enclosed, hobo-styled restaraunt reviews where you just felt sad for him. He sang about falling down the stairs and cheese sandwiches like a regular person and now he’s gone. I’ll never meet you; but I’ll think of you when I’m walking in the muddy creek behind my sister’s house. We haven’t lost his zines and songs, no how. Related: Unread Records, Secret/Charlie+McAlister.



Minimalist monochrome drawing tool by Devine Lu Linvega. I say ‘minimalist’ but you can create wondrous sketches with this thing. Quite deep actually. The tool was used to create Neauismea. (Oooooh and check this out - the Wayback Machine has a cached copy of DLL’s mono 3-d architecture thing Poodle!)


Beaker Browser

The ultimate peer-to-peer web browser. Create websites that you can share with others. Make your own copies of websites. It’s just crazy. (Find others in the user directory.)



Whip together short, multi-tracked chiptunes - and share them with a link.