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A gift—something you must spend the time on to begin to understand.

Terra Mystica (by Snellman)

This game is a pretty big deal for lovers of heavy strategy. But this is an incredible HTML version that includes a kind of miniature language that you can use to plan out your movement. (This is also reminiscent of the old Isotropic—for playing Dominion—which has been replaced by the newer Innovation project.)



Community for playing mediumweight strategy games. Incredible selection of Euro-style games, such as Russian Railroads, Targi and Attika. This place took over my life for a season.


Other Life on YouTube

Interviews with all kinds of subcultural figureheads—from pseudonymous dominatrices to Communist podcasters and all the most devoted Twitter trolls. This seems like a directory to mental dumps. In a way, you can’t be sure what’s ‘real’ here—but it all certainly resonates as ‘real’. It might be better than ‘real’.


Thomas Browne's Pseudodoxia Epidemica

An attempt to fully explain the physical world in the mid-1600s. Curious where he chooses to start. And where he goes next. This language is so distant that it has become whimsical. Such chapter headings as: Of swimming: that some men swimme naturally, that men drowned do float the ninth day when their gall breaketh, women prone and men supine or upon their backs. And further: Religio Medici, for instance, among his writings.


The Scariest Movie Ever

The ‘movie’, in this case, is this world we find ourselves in—this fever vision that Hollywood and fallen aliens have entrapped us in. Videos include ‘Something STRANGE is happening with Matthew Mcconaughey’ and ‘THEY ARE TEACHING US TO EAT EACH OTHER’. You CAN be prepared for aliens and angels entering your home at night. It’s happening anyway.



Not strictly ‘infinite’ - this is like a 10-hour mixtape that has accompanying narrative blog posts to read, telling the story of synthetic humans, driven by images that fall out of the soundtrack. It’s cool what can be done with a simple blog, yeah?