Startling, strange and sweet pics.

Vaporwave Van Gogh

A stehtic. And Geocities treasures. Like a little plastic chest of jewels.

Found Photos

‘The Found Photos Archives consist of my filtered view from thousands of images downloaded via peer to peer filesharing networks.’ I had no idea there were filesharing networks of photos. This is a pretty wild collection. I love it. (Via Linkport; see also Some Photos of That Day.)

bad command or filename

Experimental, beautiful, amateur—yet seemingly random—dithered pics from the CD-ROM era. Scanlines, dot matrix.

Simon Griffee

I don’t get photography, like, at all—there is just so much of it now and I have a hard time telling what’s special. I think Simon has a lot of great pictures—but, again, it’s hard for me to tell if it’s the black-and-white or if some postprocessing is done. Whatever—not my territory. But I am blown away by the volume of tags here. It’s odd: I feel like this extreme number of tags actually makes them each more interesting. I wonder how one keeps track of this level of categorization.