More fetishes: handwriting, envelopes, stamps.


Biana Hockensmith’s sticker and pixel art. She exhibits an impressive ability to screen grab from Problem Child 2 at the precise moments she means to.

Harriet Russell's Envelopes

I’m still looking for a good link that shows this project—to send mail using ‘encrypted’ addresses in the form of imaginative puzzles. Lovely, puzzly, adding enjoyment to the proletariat worker—it’s all there.

Altering Carboard Microscope Slide Mailers

This woman - a collector of articulated paper dolls - decorates cardboard mailers once used to transport microscope slides. Part of this is the nostalgia of an age when it was more common to receive microscopic things in the mail; part is the wonder of this particular blog’s chosen topics.

Mail Art Postcard

Post by way of the snail: Mail Art Postcard, 8922 US Highway 6, Conneaut Lake, PA 19316 USA. (See also the classic blog PostSecret.)