Randomized and stream-of-consciousness imagery.

Buncha hands. ‘Cat’, ‘dog’ and ‘rad’ is as far as I got tho.

default filename tv

The algorithm here is simply: select only the videos on YouTube that have kept their original filename from the camera. (Such as: DSC_5443.MOV, IMG_0490.MP4, etc.) In other words, these are untitled and uncut personal videos. I watched one of a truck backing up. And then one of people doing the limbo. (Related:,, petittube, Incognitube, /r/imgxxxx, Neave.TV; or, Forgotify for Spotify tracks that have never been listened to.)


Floating in a song. This artist also brought us, a staple of “useless web” tourism.


Kind of like a sketchpad for beats and squiggles. You can also think of this as a self-contained ‘instrument’ in a way.