Marker, paper and a copy machine.

50 Watts

An extraordinary collection of book & zine illustrations. It’s the variety - black ink, woodcut, elaborate stipple from all over the world. Leisurely scan the imagery and soon enough you are transported. (Spawned from: A Journey Round My Skull.)


I will NEVER forget Charlie McAlister. Oh boy his zine showed the way to zine—returning fish sticks through the post with grateful letters enclosed, hobo-styled restaraunt reviews where you just felt sad for him. He sang about falling down the stairs and cheese sandwiches like a regular person and now he’s gone. I’ll never meet you; but I’ll think of you when I’m walking in the muddy creek behind my sister’s house. We haven’t lost his zines and songs, no how. Related: Unread Records, Secret/Charlie+McAlister.

Nathalie Lawhead's Electric Zine Maker (Beta)

Ok, THIS is what you need to make your own zine. This frantic, zany tool will draw you into making a paper zine. If you don’t have an idea—you will. Just crack it open and play. (By perennial favorite Nathalie Lawhead—she’s a huge influence on EVERYTHING I do.)


A webzine of nonsense, arcane notebooks, txt-style vernacular (trading ‘lols’ for ‘bedder-’), beat-up cassettes by (mostly?) Derek White. It feels Irish to me, all the best things in life do. I’m new to this, but it’s been around since 2003! The new project for 2018 is to walk all of Rome.


An international comics anthology—count on a wide variety of surprising styles. Even more in the zine vein is their buddy Popper.

Zine World

An abundance of careful zine reviews. An obvious inspiration for this directory. Read the latest issues; people still mail each other.


Dozens (third of a hundred, maybe) of issues of unpredictable photos from the Bay area. Heh, wouldn’t be much of a zine directory without this. (See also: Vermillion and One.)