Single units of writing—including stories, poems and essays.

North Pacific Logbook

Sailing from Japan to Canada in 51 days. By Hundred Rabbits, who have a few other entries in this directory. But I’ll let you find those.


Parable of the Banana

Apple blog writes about bananas. One of the better BANANA ARTICLES. And one of the better APPLE BLOGS.


"Afternoon of the Sex Children" (2006)

“Once liberation reached a point of adequate success, however, sex was unconscionably easy to liberate further, as commerce discovered it had a new means of entry into private life and threw its weight behind the new values. What in fact was occurring was liberalization by forces of commercial transaction, as they entered to expand and coordinate the new field of exchange. Left-wing ideas of free love, the nonsinfulness of the body, womens equality of dignity, intelligence, and capability, had been hard-pressed to find adequate standing before—and they are still in trouble, constantly worn away. Whereas incitement to sex, ubiquitous sexual display, sinfulness redefined as the unconditioned, unexercised, and unaroused body, and a new shamefulness for anyone who manifests a nonsexuality or, worst of all, willful sexlessness—that was easy.”


The Fatal Ensnaring of Dan DePew (NSFW)

While this isn’t a ‘simple’ crime—along the lines of stealing a basketball—I think the author makes a compelling case that this was a case of mere fantasy that snowballed into disaster. This is possibly the most salacious link in this directory, almost a piece with the New Yorker article “The Voyeur’s Motel”, which became an entire scene of drama following its publication—both exposés dive headlong into two opposing sides of male sexuality. (However, both of these men are the same: both are stealthy and rapacious pursuants.)

Oh and wouldn’t you say the interrogators of these cases—the police and journalist figures in these articles—are far more complex and devilish than their subjects??


Spring-heeled Jack

The impossible leaping skill of this urban legend (ripped from the penny dreadfuls of the Victorian age) had such a technological flare. Ah, the idea that an inventor-cobbler with a gas-powered dental retainer could inspire demonic fear. His attacks lasted a century! (Also at Wikipedia.)


How Golf Explains Trump

Well, for a 72-year-old, he’d be a six. Six or seven. So he’s good. He’s a good player. He’s among our best presidents ever to play golf. But he wants the world to think he’s fantastic.

I think the best lies are the ones we all get to be in on.


How to Read

I like that this is so prescriptive. You may not use the shorthand here, but I’ve found the overall advice sound. This is a terrible admission, but I do this for novels. I haven’t read it till I’ve read it twice.


"24/7 Relentless Careerism" (2010)

“Friend every poet you can on Facebook, goodreads.com, porn sites—” Jim Behrle’s gentle rant on self-promotion, from a poet’s view. A realization that Jewel is the all-eclipsing poet of the now. Reminiscent of Bill Hicks’ New Kids bit. (A different perspective, but related: “How Do We Write Now?” by Patricia Lockwood.)


"Now More Than Ever" (2018)

Right, okay—a link to The New Yorker? What can I say—if a story gets to me, then what can I do? This has a strong scent of this society of ours. I felt a similar ding! ding! reading George Saunders’ “Sea Oak”. I’m not looking down on society here—I absolutely revel in it. I think I get to be part of this, too.


NES Godzilla Creepypasta

I feel like this started the “haunted game cartridge” creepypastas. But I’m not a connoisseur. If not, whatever, I like it.


"bulldyke" (NSFW)

I can’t explain it, but I want to make a little LEGO scene of this poetry reading. It’s like fashion and sexuality make us into archetypes.


Enchantment in the Command Line

A ritual for you, your solarpunk friends and your computers and your ethernet cables too and some HTML written on looseleaf scattered around the floor. Yes, that’ll do it. Fine fine. Ok, coolguy.website.


Parenting a Visionary Child

‘My 6-year-old daughter sees things other people don’t. “Skitter scatters,” ghosts, auras. She just started school and there’s something in the lunchroom only she can see, and this one makes her nervous.’


"The Virtual Economy"

Massive article about the online marketplace - buuuuuut the look of the whole thing is truly breathtaking. Monochrome, reminiscent of vector laser projector imagery, lots of brilliance poured into this.


"My Instagram" (2020)

She rolled her eyes at me. “Yeah,” she said, “because everyone knows images are totally uncomplicated and true and exactly what they announce themselves to be.”