Discussion on the web about the web. This used to bother me—I thought it was navel-gazing. Then I realized: this is just necessary if we’re going to keep this thing alive. Join in!

A Web Without Servers

This is a somewhat technical talk, but it opened my eyes to the possibility opened by a peer-to-peer Web. I don’t know—this talk feels like an achievement. And I like that such a tremendous advance could be so understated.


"My Instagram" (2020)

She rolled her eyes at me. “Yeah,” she said, “because everyone knows images are totally uncomplicated and true and exactly what they announce themselves to be.”


The History of the Web

Combination blog and timeline of the World Wide Web’s history. Not only a good dose of nostalgia, but a formidable use of hypertext itself.


Internet Archaeology

Flash, GIF, MIDI and porn collections from the early Web. (Similar: WWWTXT—quotes from Usenet, CompuServe and such. Cool design.)


Brad Enslen

I bounce ideas back-and-forth with this fellow. He blogs about web directories and web search—but in an effort to understand how else we could be doing this. Our conversations led me to make this directory.