Long compilations of songs or voice.

Paths to Graceland

An attempt to recreate the notorious “Gumboots: Accordian Jive Hits, Vol. 2” cassette that once mesmerized Paul Simon. This certainly mesmerizes! The sound of ‘groaner’ Mahlathini, alongside The Mahotella Queens or Dark City Sisters, is transporting. (To me, discarding the works of these musicians does make Simon’s appropriation a crime—if he had just introduced us to all of these artists.)


Radio Soulwax

These are pretty popular—but whatever, credit to these Belgians for keeping such an ambitious project on a sheet of matte black hypertext.


The Avalanches' Essential Mix

I have to agree that these folks are kings of the mixtape. If you can find it, I think the old “One World” mix was fantastic. I used to have to download these from hacked FTPs of medical companies. (Perhaps even more glorious: The Was.)


Brian, the Angel of History EP

A demo recorded by the would-be crooner Clark Venture (real name: Walter Wojcicki) on April 18, 1958, at Transcontinental Studios in Emeryville, CA, but never released, owing to the destruction of the studio (and Walters master recordings) by a freak Southern Pacific derailment the next day.