Mostly YouTube videos.

Funny Mapguy

Not funny and no maps. Just a kid reviewing Mountain Dew and every ball game he watches. I don’t know what to say about this. I occasionally check in to see if he’s still going.

Surveillance Camera Man

“Can I help you?” I know, I know—this is terrible, yes. Feels like an unprecedented cinéma-vérité documentary as well.


A boring, repetitive clip which somehow contains a kind of horror. To me, its not the screams—it’s what it does to your brain. Inanity, descent into madness, is somehow captured here. Another variant takes Mickey through gradual, subtle physical derangement. His walk never changes.

The Scariest Movie Ever

The ‘movie’, in this case, is this world we find ourselves in—this fever vision that Hollywood and fallen aliens have entrapped us in. Videos include ‘Something STRANGE is happening with Matthew Mcconaughey’ and ‘THEY ARE TEACHING US TO EAT EACH OTHER’. You CAN be prepared for aliens and angels entering your home at night. It’s happening anyway.

A Web Without Servers

This is a somewhat technical talk, but it opened my eyes to the possibility opened by a peer-to-peer Web. I don’t know—this talk feels like an achievement. And I like that such a tremendous advance could be so understated.