Mostly YouTube videos.

Gary Crowley's Headache Vids

I risk losing you here - cause this might seem spammy or something. But I think a good librarian is going to hang on to something sweet, regardless of the optics.

If you have headaches, give this trilogy of short vids a shot. I’ve recommended these to so many people with positive results. A low-effort victory. I’ll take it.


Swing Dancers vs. Street Dancers

The amazing thing about these ‘battles’ is how joyful and (I don’t know how to put this) enlivening they are. The whole place comes alive and you just want to be there, partying in the middle of this rare encounter. (Related: Subway sax battle.)


Marc Rebillet's Quaranstream (Day Four)

In this video, Rebillet has a breakdown at about the 42 min mark. He just gets totally stumped and a friend has to call him and pull him out of it. Both a beautiful moment and emblematic of stupid COVID LIFE in a box.


Primitive Technology

If the world seems too noisy - or too computery - this can be an antidote. Silent videos of a guy building huts, clay tiles, kilns and shelter from naught but mud and spit. Palm fronds. Sometimes there are yams.


Reggie Watts @ TED

The important thing to remember is that this simulation is a good one. It’s believable. It’s tactile. You can reach out; things are solid. You can move objects from one area to another. You can feel your body. You can say, ‘I’d like to go over to this location,’ and you can move this mass of molecules through the air over to another location. At will.

TED’s criminal overseriousness is horrific. Now face the very pinnacle of that horror.


Funny Mapguy

Not funny and no maps. Just a kid reviewing Mountain Dew and every ball game he watches. I don’t know what to say about this. I occasionally check in to see if he’s still going.


Lingscars 24Hr Webcam

Totally decadent constant live stream, a UK office bathed in constant audio-video bombardment.


Surveillance Camera Man

“Can I help you?” I know, I know—this is terrible, yes. Feels like an unprecedented cinéma-vérité documentary as well.


"Ain't Got No, I've Got Life"

Everything Nina Simone wrote just cuts right to the human that’s under our fucking layers of shellac. (If you like this, I think you’ll also like the first song off Tank & The Bangas’ set on Tiny Desk Concerts. It’s those root lyrics like: I’ve got a mouth and You are like a loop.)



A boring, repetitive clip which somehow contains a kind of horror. To me, its not the screams—it’s what it does to your brain. Inanity, descent into madness, is somehow captured here. Another variant takes Mickey through gradual, subtle physical derangement. His walk never changes. This is us moving through modernity.


The Scariest Movie Ever

The ‘movie’, in this case, is this world we find ourselves in—this fever vision that Hollywood and fallen aliens have entrapped us in. Videos include ‘Something STRANGE is happening with Matthew Mcconaughey’ and ‘THEY ARE TEACHING US TO EAT EACH OTHER’. You CAN be prepared for aliens and angels entering your home at night. It’s happening anyway.


A Web Without Servers

This is a somewhat technical talk, but it opened my eyes to the possibility opened by a peer-to-peer Web. I don’t know—this talk feels like an achievement. And I like that such a tremendous advance could be so understated.