Normally I would classify these links as Web/Page, but a Wiki is also a Web/Directory in a way. So let’s keep them separate. (Incidentally, the very first wiki is still online, but cannot be edited. The successor to it is, I believe, the fed wiki.)

{h0p3's Wiki}

I am in awe of this wiki—in a way, it reminds me of everything2. It goes wherever it pleases. Its author is extremely thorough and personal. A mere TiddlyWiki, but it feels entirely new. (Oh and, of particular interest, there is a link directory inside this wiki.) Related: Terminal 00 should do the visuals here.

If I can also impress upon you: there is no one doorway into this being’s expansive avatar. If you want to start in a middle, here is his response to journeying through href.cool.

h0p3 calls his work public self-modeling. In 2019, this is a growing subculture—see also: Sphygmus, chameleon, Jack Baty, Phil N, casual bedlam (Catherine), Joe Jenett, Frank Mcpherson and Josh Sullivan.



David Chapman (who also brought us Buddhism for Vampires)—to simply call Meaningness a ‘book’ or a ‘metablog’ or a Buddhist resource is to discount that this is a formidable work that seems to both tackle the question “What is life?” and to catalog its author’s every thought. It also sets a precedent for drafting in public that I’ve begun to see on the other links in Web/Wiki.


SCP Foundation

SCP is an organization that works to ‘contain’. And the SCP Foundation Wiki describes what has been contained and the procedures for doing so. Some starting places: SCP-3079, SCP-1733, SCP-055.



Full art ASCII wiki. Each page is an incantation echoing from that drippy, drippy cave you once found deep in the land of Kirugu Vargir. A lizard-like people can be seen, draining time in the distance.