Href dot... coool??

This is a directory of 301 links in 75 categories.

This directory is somewhat inspired by the old, failed link collections like the original Yahoo! and DMOZ. They were terrible—you couldn’t find anything, but what you did find was often unexpected. My ‘archivist’/‘forager’ tendencies want to do this.

Linking has kind of died in the wild. Google views a site like this as a link farm—so, directories have died off. Yeah, well, I find many of the ‘link farms’ in my Web/Directory list to be immensely ‘great’ and ‘satisfying’. More than anything, I hope mine intrigues you to build your own. This directory forms my connection to the rest of society.

I reserve the right to link to dipshits and crazies. I link to what piques my curiosity, what amazes me or what horrifies me. This includes you. (You know you want to participate.)

You might also look at it like: maybe I’ve friended these links. But instead of putting them in a big number that represents my friends—my 301 friends, you see—I list my friends out neatly and try to coax you to meet them.

Perhaps there is no need for friending. For likes. For upvotes. For hashtags. For boosts. For trending. For rank. For followers. For an algorithm.

Perhaps plain ole linking—and spending time telling you why I linked—is good enough, was always good enough. Perhaps it’s superior!